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Poursuite des entretiens/examens en 2021

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer la poursuite des entretiens/examens de la Cohorte Lc65+ pour les personnes nées entre 1944 et 1948.

Toutes les mesures de protection définies par l’Office fédéral de la santé publique sont en place pour vous accueillir.

Pour les personnes nées entre 1934 et 1943, le suivi par questionnaire postal se poursuit comme d’habitude.


The Lc65+ project is a longitudinal population-based study focusing on the development of frailty after the age of 65.

The Lc65+ cohort consists of three successive samples randomly selected every 5 years from the Lausanne city population office.

Subjects, approximately 1,500 in each sample, are enrolled according to two criteria : a private home address in the city of Lausanne and a year of birth defined by the year of enrollment.

Two exclusion criteria apply: presence of severe cognitive troubles precluding a response to questionnaires and end-of-life situations.


Sample Enrolement year Birth year
(before World War II)
2004 1934-1938
(during World War II)
2009 1939-1943





Three successive samples were randomly selected every 5 years :





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Lc65+ study

The Lausanne cohort 65+ (Lc65+) study is a research platform that aims to gain new knowledge on frailty in the general population from the age of 65 years onwards. Manifestations of frailty, medical and psycho-social risk factors, and the effects of frailty on health, functional status, and use of health services are central to the research conducted in the Lc65+ project.