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The Lettre de la Cohorte (only in French) is the yearly publication of the study. This publication is the main communication tool with participants in the Lc65+ study and their primary care physician. It presents selected summary results from the study, health-related advice, and information on the following research steps.

Articles in medical and scientific reviews are listed by year of publication. Other documentation includes reports, book chapters, etc.

You can download below all versions of this Lettre de la Cohorte in PDF format.

Lettres de la Cohorte

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  • Kamel BALLAN, 2019. Measuring slowness in old age : a comparison of the Moberg picking up test and the walking speed in the Lc65+ study. Mémoire de maîtrise en médecine N°7018.

  • Émilie GALLAY, 2018. Médication des patients consultant un Centre de la Mémoire Universitaire. Mémoire de maîtrise en médecine N°4522.
  • Mariana SIMOES MARIA, 2018. Sleep characteristics and self-rated health in older persons. Mémoire de maîtrise en médecine N°5471.

  • Etude de la Cohorte Lc65+ sur la sexualité en lien avec la morbidité des personnes âgées.
    Travail de maîtrise en médecine, FBM UNIL.
    De Souza B.


Lc65+ study

The Lausanne cohort 65+ (Lc65+) study is a research platform that aims to gain new knowledge on frailty in the general population from the age of 65 years onwards. Manifestations of frailty, medical and psycho-social risk factors, and the effects of frailty on health, functional status, and use of health services are central to the research conducted in the Lc65+ project.