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Sampling in the Lc65+ study follows a simple random selection of eligible individuals.

The whole Lausanne population in the study age range at each enrollment wave (2004: birth year 1934-1938, 2009: birth year 1939-1943, 2014: birth year 1944-1948) is randomly dispatched between the Lc65+ study and another study of cardiovascular diseases (CoLaus study).

The sequence of subject selection for each of the tree samples and their participation in the baseline data collection is as following:




Lc65+ study

The Lausanne cohort 65+ (Lc65+) study is a research platform that aims to gain new knowledge on frailty in the general population from the age of 65 years onwards. Manifestations of frailty, medical and psycho-social risk factors, and the effects of frailty on health, functional status, and use of health services are central to the research conducted in the Lc65+ project.